Maths Language in 3A

In Maths today we explored language! We investigated all the different words and terminology for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We were amazed at how many different words we knew! As mathematicians, it is really good to know how to speak about the four operations. For example, within the operation of multiplication we thought of the following words:

  • times
  • groups of
  • multiply
  • times
  • product
  • all together
  • factors
  • rows of
  • lots of

Click on the image below to look through our booklet of Maths Language Posters. Use you cursor to turn the pages.

3A's Four Operations


Welcome to 3A

Welcome back to school! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are well rested for 2015. The blog will be a place for us to communicate and share ideas throughout the year, however I need your help! When you see a blog post and think you might be able to share your thoughts and ideas, please press the button that says comment and then submit your idea.
REMEMBER: Make sure you only write your first name and DO NOT write any personal information such as your phone number or home address!
Before you leave a comment make sure you have an adult check it before you post it.
I am really looking forward to getting to know you!

The first challenge I am going to leave you is to see if you can leave a comment that tells me what you liked most about your holiday!holida


Writer’s Festival- celebrations

All the grade 3’s have been very busy getting ready for our ‘Writer’s Festival’ day which displays our learning about celebrations. We have been extremely busy researching and creating spectacular displays on each festival from Halloween to the Mexican Day of The Dead. Come along and have a look from 2.30.You will not be disappointed.

Here are a few of our quick thoughts.



The grade 3’s have been learning about different celebrations over the year. Here is a survey for you to take. You may choose more than one answer.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

What celebration do you think will be the most popular?



This homework has been organised for you to do in two parts. Don’t wait until the last day to do both activities.

Good luck.

Home work                           Due: Wednesday 19/11/14


Continue reading and recording the pages you have read in your diary. Make sure you record a thought about your story.

Remember your diary must come to school every day.

Spelling:  Continue practising your spelling over the week ready for testing.


With this homework you have two activities to do related to Time, so do them on two different occasions.

  1. Timing television.

You will need a television guide from the newspaper.

Use the guide to look at one channel’s programs to answer these questions.

*What time does the news begin?

*What is your favourite program?  *What time does it begin?

*What is the shortest program? How long does it go for?

*What is the longest program? How long does it go for?

*Choose one program for each member of your family. List the programs and what time they begin and end.

Who has the longest program? Whose program goes for the shortest time?

Write down any other information that you find about the program’s length.

While watching your program, how much time is used for advertisements? (You may need to time these, by recording what time they started and ended and working out how many minutes they took.)


  1. Race against time

Draw 6 clockfaces in your homework book. You could use a glass or cup or something to trace around.

On one clock show the time you woke up.

On another show the time you had breakfast.

On the third clock record what time you had lunch.

On the fourth clock record an activity you did in the afternoon.

On the fifth clock record what time you had dinner.

On the sixth clock record what time you went to bed.

How many hours between waking up and lunch?

How many hours between lunch and dinner?

How many hours were you out of bed?



Here is our last homework task for term 3.

HOMEWORK Due 17/9/14

Reading Continue to fill in your diary and add a comment about what you are reading such as predict the ending, make a comment about your character, write why the setting is important to your story etc.

Spelling Continue practising your spelling from your list.

Writing Continue to use ‘Storybird’ to write a story depending on the assignment set by your teacher.
You must be finished with your newspaper page as well as your 6 sided brochure about your town.

Maths Continue to practise your times tables.

You are a very fussy farmer and you like to have things organised and neat.
Using grid paper you are to divide your paper into 8 paddocks.
In each paddock you are to draw these animals in arrays.


1. 12 sheep

2. 24 goats
3. 16 cows
4. 32 hens
5. 8 horse
6. 6 emus
7. 18 ducks
8. 20 camels

This grid activity must be glued into your homework book.
Good luck,
Miss Francis, Ms. Rathbone, Mrs. Lawless.


Holiday Homework

Homework for the holidays
Dear Everyone,
Here is the homework for the holidays.
1. Make sure you read regularly and record your comments in your diary.
2. Keep practising your times tables.

3. You are to write a journal of your fantasy holiday. This is a holiday that you can take in your imagination. Be creative.
Perhaps you could create a series of postcards that you could write on about what you are doing on your pretend holiday.
(Postcards have a picture on the front of the card and on the back there is a space to write a few sentences.)
You can write a journal of what you did for two or three days in the holidays.
Make sure you check spelling, sentence structure and punctuation.

This work is due the first week back.
Have a relaxing and safe holiday where ever you may go.
Miss Francis, Miss Rathbone and Mrs. Lawless.
Please leave a comment on how your holidays are going.



Homework Due on Wednesday 18th of June

*You must read every night and fill in a comment at least three times a week in your reading diary.
*Don’t forget that your spelling word lists are also part of your homework.
*Continue to practise your number facts.
*You are to create a timeline of your life so far. Put in major changes that have happened to you when developing from a baby to now.
Photos would be a great idea to add to the timeline if you have any.
This is for display so it must not go into your homework book.
Collect an A3 piece of paper and then create your timeline.

Have fun
Miss Francis, Miss Rathbone, Mrs Lawless.


Learning your tables

Click on the link below to visit this great site that will help you improve you times tables knowledge.

Let me know how helpful this site is. Do you have a special way you learn your tables that you would like to share with us?


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