Homework for the holidays
Dear Everyone,
Here is the homework for the holidays.
1. Make sure you read regularly and record your comments in your diary.
2. Keep practising your times tables.

3. You are to write a journal of your fantasy holiday. This is a holiday that you can take in your imagination. Be creative.
Perhaps you could create a series of postcards that you could write on about what you are doing on your pretend holiday.
(Postcards have a picture on the front of the card and on the back there is a space to write a few sentences.)
You can write a journal of what you did for two or three days in the holidays.
Make sure you check spelling, sentence structure and punctuation.

This work is due the first week back.
Have a relaxing and safe holiday where ever you may go.
Miss Francis, Miss Rathbone and Mrs. Lawless.
Please leave a comment on how your holidays are going.