HOMEWORK Due 17/9/14

Reading Continue to fill in your diary and add a comment about what you are reading such as predict the ending, make a comment about your character, write why the setting is important to your story etc.

Spelling Continue practising your spelling from your list.

Writing Continue to use ‘Storybird’ to write a story depending on the assignment set by your teacher.
You must be finished with your newspaper page as well as your 6 sided brochure about your town.

Maths Continue to practise your times tables.

You are a very fussy farmer and you like to have things organised and neat.
Using grid paper you are to divide your paper into 8 paddocks.
In each paddock you are to draw these animals in arrays.


1. 12 sheep

2. 24 goats
3. 16 cows
4. 32 hens
5. 8 horse
6. 6 emus
7. 18 ducks
8. 20 camels

This grid activity must be glued into your homework book.
Good luck,
Miss Francis, Ms. Rathbone, Mrs. Lawless.