This homework has been organised for you to do in two parts. Don’t wait until the last day to do both activities.

Good luck.

Home work                           Due: Wednesday 19/11/14


Continue reading and recording the pages you have read in your diary. Make sure you record a thought about your story.

Remember your diary must come to school every day.

Spelling:  Continue practising your spelling over the week ready for testing.


With this homework you have two activities to do related to Time, so do them on two different occasions.

  1. Timing television.

You will need a television guide from the newspaper.

Use the guide to look at one channel’s programs to answer these questions.

*What time does the news begin?

*What is your favourite program?  *What time does it begin?

*What is the shortest program? How long does it go for?

*What is the longest program? How long does it go for?

*Choose one program for each member of your family. List the programs and what time they begin and end.

Who has the longest program? Whose program goes for the shortest time?

Write down any other information that you find about the program’s length.

While watching your program, how much time is used for advertisements? (You may need to time these, by recording what time they started and ended and working out how many minutes they took.)


  1. Race against time

Draw 6 clockfaces in your homework book. You could use a glass or cup or something to trace around.

On one clock show the time you woke up.

On another show the time you had breakfast.

On the third clock record what time you had lunch.

On the fourth clock record an activity you did in the afternoon.

On the fifth clock record what time you had dinner.

On the sixth clock record what time you went to bed.

How many hours between waking up and lunch?

How many hours between lunch and dinner?

How many hours were you out of bed?