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Roman Numeral Fact Monster

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Sqworl – halving and division activities

Woodlands Multiplication Games – lots of fun games to test out your times tables!

Mathletics – all students have a password to learn about Maths in a really fun way!


Fun 4 the Brain – lots of games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, English and Science.

Fun for the brain

Cyberchase – Site for ages 8-11 about team of kids on daring missions in Cyberspace. To save the day, our heroes have to use MATHS and BRAIN POWER.


Crack the Code –  fun game where you need to solve the four digit code to open up the safe.

Sheppard Software – lots of maths games for all topics.

Learn Your Tables – activities to learn your times tables and test yourself.

Tutpup – fun games where you compete against kids from other countries on Maths or Spelling problems.


IXL Maths – lots of Maths practice questions for all grade levels and Maths topics. Choose “continue as guest” to play.

IXL maths

Four in a Line – Just like the Connect 4 board game! Try to get four of your coloured pieces in a row.

Four in a line

Maths Games for Kids – Lots of fun maths games to practise addition and subtraction.

Maths games for kids

Maths Magician Games – Practise your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills with the Math Magician.

Maths Magician Games

Fun Kids Online Maths Games – Choose which maths skills you want to practise on this fun website.

Fun Online Maths Games

Money Master – Improve your money skills with this website.

Money Master

Speed Grid Addition – Test your addition skills by racing against the clock to solve as many problems as you can!

Speed Grid Challenge

Sum Sense – Drag and drop the numbers into the correct sequence so that the sum makes sense.

Sum sense

Addition Machine – Choose your level and solve the addition problems.

Addition machine