100 Greatest Books for Kids

This morning we visited the Library Blog. We followed Mrs Irwin’s link to 100 Greatest Books For Kids.


It was very interesting to see which books have been voted in to the Top 100 List.

If you are not sure of the titles make sure you click on the cover of each book as a window will pop up showing you what the cover looks like and telling you about the book.

Did you find many books familiar to you in the list?
Were there any of your favourites?


How can I write a great blog comment?

Commenting Poster 2011

Custom Glitter Text

Dear Grade 5A,

Being aware of our digital footprint is one of our goals this year. This means that we need to think about what we write online and how others will view what we present. By following the above guidelines on blog commenting you will make sure that you are building a positive digital footprint for yourself. Let’s make a start by sharing what you are looking forward to in your Grade 5 classroom this year. 

Remember to refer to the poster and check off the steps before posting your comment. Please keep in mind that a comment should have at least two sentences.

Looking forward to reading your comments,

Mrs. Lawless.


Body Facts

Hi Everyone,
We are working on body systems at the moment. In our search for information we found some interesting and yuckie facts about our body. Please leave a fact that you thought was interesting or weird to share with others.
Can you do this? Sit down and raise your right leg off the ground and turn your ankle in a clockwise direction. While you are doing this, draw the number 6 in the air. What will happen to your foot? Try it and see.

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